10 Selection Indicators That Machinery Manufacturers Won’t Disclose (Part 1)

10 Selection Indicators That Machinery Manufacturers Won’t Disclose (Part 1)

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    The social media editor will share the content of the article this month. It is sincere and has a high gold content. It is recommended that you save the “My Favorites” collection. There should not beany machinery manufacturers who will actively disclose various selection indicators to customers,revealing too many industry secrets in the machinery industry. However, social media editor thatthese 10 selection indicators are quite valuable for reference. Maybe some  indicators have becomeone of the selection items of your company or purchasing decision-making unit; but some indicators may be that the company or purchasing decision-making unit has never considered or thinking angle. I hope that through this article, everyone can have more reference indicators and directions when selecting machinery manufacturers.
    Because the 10 selection indicators have a lot of content, they are divided into two parts: “Part 1″and “Part 2”. This article first introduces the 5 indicators in the first half. Without further ado, let’simmediately unveil the Part 1 of this mysterious indicator.

    1. Business history

    1-1. Importance of time


    When you see this indicator, you may have many questions in your mind right away?

    • Ex: Does it really matter how long a company operates?
    • Ex: In the end, it is more appropriate for a machinery manufacturer to have a business history of more than a few years?

    In fact, the impact of different business histories of the industry will also vary.
    Other industry editors dare not make generalizations.
    But as far as the machinery industry is concerned,
    The length of the company’s operation is indeed a very important selection indicator.
    Everyone carefully think about the service life of a production machine and equipment at least five to ten years.
    Social media editor’s company machine in the case of proper maintenance and use,
    There are many customers who have used it for more than 20 years.
    If a machinery manufacturer was established, are less than the service life of a machine.
    Can you trust that the quality or durability of this company’s manufacturing machinery can pass the market test equipment?
    Therefore, the editor believes that a reliable machinery manufacturer,
    At least the operating history should be more than 20 years.

    1-2. Rapidly become a special case of the industry leader

    Quick-thinking customers may raise their hands to ask editor extreme example, “Tesla“,
    Tesla, founded in 2003, took less than 20 years to.
    It is a company that has far exceeded the market value of several major automobile manufacturers that have been established for a century, (VW, Toyota)
    But I want to explain two key points of this special case:

    1-2-1. Completely different design basis

    Although the same is the automotive industry,
    Tesla is completely different from the early automobile manufacturers whose main products are oil cars or oil electric cars.
    Taking pure electric vehicles as the basis for design and research and development,
    Therefore, in the field of “pure electric vehicles“, Tesla is regarded as a pioneer in the development of this field.


    1-2-2. Hasty generalization is not the truth

    Cases like Tesla can quickly reach the traditional industry leader within 20 years,
    It is a very small few industrial case,
    Moreover, Tesla can operate a 17-year business model at a continuous loss,
    Nor is it easy for ordinary businesses to follow unique business trajectories.
    The editor wants to emphasize that the “business history” is an important reference indicator.
    Never because of these few extreme examples,
    Let you lose a very valuable indicator.

    2. Company website


    More traditional business operators or purchasing units,
    You may feel that the company’s website and mechanical quality or the company’s technology research and development level,
    There is absolutely no connection between the two.
    But my opinion is quite the opposite.
    To give you an example to illustrate,
    Everyone should have experience in business contact.
    The business of various manufacturers will continue to tout the company’s product features in research and development, technology, quality, etc.
    Emphasizes superiority over competitors,
    No matter how excellent the product is introduced by the business discussion,
    Simultaneous comparison of the company’s website is inconsistent with the external promotion of the image content.

    • The website is a non-RWD old website
    • Site content is outdated and lacking in content

    It’s like a matchmaker complimenting the match for a very high-quality match.
    But the match wore shorts and sandals to the blind date.
    Whether it makes people feel inconsistent and greatly discounts the overall evaluation.
    Similarly, it can be proved that if the company emphasizes the pace and values of innovation and excellence, keeping pace with the times.
    It is suggested that you can start by observing the company’s website to explore the clues.

    3. Country of manufacture


    I believe that regardless of whether your industry belongs to the machinery industry,
    Everyone’s first impression of the level of manufacturing machinery in “Germany” or “Japan“,A considerable degree of admiration should immediately arise in my heart,
    But some people must have doubts in their hearts,
    Why is there a significant correlation between the country of manufacture and the level ofmachinery and equipment?
    Editor objectively analyzes it from the following three aspects to explain to you

    3-1. Culture formed by rare natural resources


    The reason why Germany and Japan have become the leading countries in machinery manufacturing,
    After years of research by many scholars and experts,
    Of course, each is formed by many factors such as different environments and cultures.
    But both have a common background factor,
    That is, Germany and Japan are both countries that lack natural resources.
    Almost all important industrial raw materials depend on imports,
    Therefore, it is necessary to make the best use of everything and prolong the use period as much as possible.
    It is the greatest saving of raw materials.
    Therefore, in the long run, we have adhered to a manufacturing belief and culture that is “durable“.
    Other countries with reputation in the world machinery manufacturing such as Taiwan, Switzerland, Italy, etc.,
    Most of them have the same background and culture.

    3-2. The level of the foundry industry


    Referring to one of the key elements of the quality of machinery and equipment manufacturing,
    I believe that the title of the mother of industry Foundry Industry will definitely be mentioned.
    Large machinery and equipment will use bases or large components,
    All need to rely on the foundry industry for such large-scale casting production.
    Therefore, the precision and durability of mechanical equipment have a lot to do with the cooperation of the machinery manufacturer with the casting supplier.
    So observe the pros and cons of the machinery manufacturer,
    You can get a glimpse of the initial appearance from the production and processing level and cooperation of upstream foundry suppliers.
    Of course, because of the huge size and weight,
    Therefore, the supply of such large castings,
    Machinery manufacturers usually cooperate with foundry suppliers in local countries,
    That is in line with what I said,
    The country is related to the level of machinery manufacturing.

    3-3. Level of related parts and components


    Due to the small size and weight of parts and components,
    Machinery and equipment manufacturers are less subject to local country restrictions.
    However, due to geographical and cultural reasons,
    European and American machinery and equipment manufacturers,
    Usually, the procurement of related electronic or consumable accessories from Europe and the United States is used;
    Japanese machinery and equipment,
    The procurement of related electronic or consumable parts in Japan is usually used.
    However, I believe everyone is very clear,
    Sometimes machinery loses accuracy, malfunctions, stops,
    It is because of the failure of the parts and components used.
    Therefore, the countries of the parts and components used by these machinery and equipment manufacturers,
    Nature and the quality of machinery and equipment are closely related.

    4. Service Quality

    The editor believes that the service quality of mechanical equipment can be divided into three stages ** “pre-sales”, “installation”, “after-sales”**,
    Most of the “pre-sale” stage is for business units to provide services.
    The “installation” and “after-sales” stages are mostly engineering or technical units for services.
    For customers, whether it is “pre-sales” related issues consulting professionalism and service efficiency,
    Or the “installation” stage of the machine reaches the level of the customer’s production requirements,
    Or the subsequent use of the “after-sales service” that has problems in the production stage can be repaired to restore the efficiency of normal production,
    For customers, it is the service experience and feeling process of the entire consumption process.
    But how to evaluate the service quality of the machinery and equipment manufacturer before the machine is purchased?
    The editor recommends observing from the following three aspects:

    4-1. Industry reputation


    Machinery manufacturers usually have at least a sales history of more than a few decades,
    It should not be difficult to get from dealers, other customers, or on the Internet,
    Inquire about the manufacturer’s relevant service level and industry reputation.

    4-2. Enterprise performance


    Corporate effectiveness advice can be ** Lausanne Institute of Management (IMD)**,
    Every year, an indicator report of the World Competitiveness Annual Report is produced for reference,
    One of them is an indicator of enterprise effectiveness,
    In 2022, “Taiwan“, where editor is located, was ranked 6th in the world in the “EnterpriseEffectiveness” project.
    It can be used as a reference indicator for measuring the effectiveness of enterprises.

    4-3. Business services


    Usually before buying a machine,
    The first thing customers will come into contact with is the sales staff of the business unit,
    It is recommended that you can observe the service attitude of business personnel, response efficiency, and enthusiasm for customers.
    Editor believes that if even the business unit can not provide,
    Let customers feel the enthusiasm and service that can go to the next stage of consumption journey,
    Of course, it is more difficult to convince and make customers trust after purchasing the machine,
    Good machine quality and service can be obtained.

    5. Factory environment

    Before the 2019 COVID-19 outbreak,
    Take SBL machinery as an example,
    More rigorous customers are likely to visit the company’s building before purchasing the machine,
    But now because of the epidemic,
    Unable to go abroad to the site survey,
    How do I evaluate a machinery manufacturer from a factory environmental survey?
    Or what key projects should be looked at further in the factory environmental assessment?

    At present, during the epidemic period, you can ask the original business of machinery and equipment,
    Provide photos or videos of the live machine assembly environment,
    Editor recommends that remote or on-site factory environmental assessment focus on the following three items:

    5-1. Machine assembly site working environment

    12-On-site environment.PNG
    SBL Machinery assembly site photos.

    It is recommended to observe the following key points:

    • Clothing of the assembler (whether there is a uniform, appropriate safety protection such as safety shoes, goggles)
    • Whether the site environment is clean, the ground is free of oil stains, the lighting is sufficient, and the ventilation is good
    • Whether the assembled parts or hand tools are neatly arranged
    • Whether the regional configuration of the site is regular and arranged according to the rules. (ex: channel lines, area lines, storage lines…). wait)

    5-2. Parts storage environment

    13-Warehousing environment.PNG
    SBL machinery parts warehouse photos.

    It is recommended to observe the following key points:

    • Whether the warehouse storage label and part label are clear and easy to identify
    • The warehouse partition category is clear, which makes it easy for warehouse personnel to quickly and correctly complete the entry and exit of materials and parts
    • Whether the warehouse parts are arranged neatly and according to the classification rules
    • Whether there is a distinction between parts and semi-finished products
    • How to achieve the basic principle of warehousing FIRST-in-FIRST-out management mode

    5-3. ESG and CSR

    SBL machinery building photos.

    At present, advanced countries in Europe and the United States are evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of an enterprise.
    No longer only using the earnings figures for evaluation,
    Whether the company contributes to the environment and society in addition to profit,is another important aspect of assessment.

    It is the three words of environmental protection (E, environment), social responsibility (S, social) and corporate governance (G, governance).

    Abbreviation of .

    It is a combination of three words: C, corporate, S,social, and R,responsible.
    The concept is that the business activities operated by the enterprise need to be consistent with sustainable development, and the company must add in addition to thinking about the financial and operational conditions.
    In consideration of the impact it will have on the social environment, we will improve the quality of life of employees and families, local communities, and even society.

    It is recommended to observe the following key points:

    • Energy saving and carbon reduction related actions, ex: LED lamps, solar panels, green packaging, factory greening… etc.
    • Helping society as: ex: public welfare activities, industry-academia cooperation… etc.
    • Enhance employee work environment policies: ex: occupational safety management, safety equipment, employee restaurant, environmental greening, fitness or entertainment equipment… etc.
    • Policy on improving employee position capabilities: ex: internal and external education and training, employee travel, health check… etc.


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