5 New trends in the printing industry

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5 New trends in the printing industry

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    To welcome 2023, has the company set new goals and plans for this year? The world-renowned sacred book of military, known as the world’s first masterwork “The Art of War” mentioned “Know the other and know oneself, a hundred battles will not be lost; Knowing oneself without knowing the other, one wins and one loses; If you don’t know the other, and you don’t know yourself, you will lose every battle.”
    The editor hopes that through this article, everyone in the printing-related industry can basically understand the advantages and disadvantages of their own company and industry and also learn about the new trends and new developments of the entire printing-related industry. Xiaomi Corporation founder Lei Jun once said: “To be a pig standing on the vent, if it stands at the right vent, even a pig can also fly”. Back to the printing related industry is the same reason, we can’t just bury our heads in hard work, and don’t look up at the road. Instead, we should spend enough time to study the wind direction and the outlet, understanding the trend, in order to greatly improve the chance of success, right?

    1. Total output value and regional potential


    According to a column report provided by The Business Research Company that prints market statistics,
    The global printing market is increasing from $330.82 billion in 2022,
    And will grow to $344.19 billion in 2023,
    The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 4.0%.
    The Russia-Ukraine war has undermined, at least in the short term, the global economy’s chances of recovering from the COVID-19. The war between the two countries has led to economic sanctions against several countries,
    Commodity prices soar due to supply chain disruptions, leading to inflation of goods and services, and affect many markets around the world.
    The printing market is expected to grow to $388.33 billion by 2027, and CAGR is 3.1%.
    Asia Pacific is the largest printing market region in 2022.
    North America is the second largest printing market region.
    The printing market covers Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
    In addition, it is worth mentioning the emerging African region,
    It is considered by many research institutes to be the region with the greatest growth potential in the printing market in the next few years,
    We must not lose sight of the future development of the African region.

    2. The changing trend of traditional printing and publishing, digital image printing and packaging industry

    2.1 Print Publications

    brochure booklet

    Print publications have been seriously influenced by the COVID-19,
    Especially newspapers and magazines.
    The most shocking and high-profile news of the printing industry in recent times,
    It was the world-renowned furniture company IKEA that suddenly announced at the end of 2020 that it would no longer print paper catalogs.
    And this catalogue used to be the world’s largest circulation publication.
    Even more than the Bible and Harry Potter.
    The lockdowns brought about by COVID-19 and many people started to work remotely.
    The demand of paper books originally purchased by people who need to commute,
    Move to a faster web platform and will not contact other people.
    And the print volume that disappeared due to the epidemic will probably disappear forever.

    2.2 Digital image printing

    Foil Stamping

    Digital image printing has also been severely affected.
    Due to the ban on restaurants, hotels and physical shops related to food,
    Physical print shops and large print exports have also been severely affected by the lockdown.
    Commercial prints (e.g., general prints such as product DMs, marketing flyers, brochures, etc.) reduced demand for printed matter;
    Conversely, the market demand has shifted to a higher aspect,
    and the print market with higher quality effects (E.g., hot stamping)

    2.3 Packaging industry


    The COVID-19 has affected packaging and labeling companies,
    Because the growth and the decline of some industries have the least overall impact.
    The need for transport and industrial packaging has decreased,
    However, it does not account for a large share of the overall packaging industry.
    Needless to say, the demand for packaging for drugs has increased significantly due to the epidemic.
    The food part,
    Because of the epidemic, people pay more attention to the needs of food hygiene,
    The demand for food packaging has also risen.

    3. IOT (Internet of Things)

    The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a collective network of devices that connects various devices and helps devices communicate with the cloud and devices.
    Also because of the emergence of cheap computer chips and high-bandwidth telecommunications networks,
    There are billions of devices connected to the Internet in the world today.
    This represents a variety of devices such as toothbrushes, vacuum cleaners, cars and various machines,
    We can use sensors to collect data from them and respond intelligently to the needs of users every day.
    The technologies and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are also impacting the printing industry, bringing the following benefits:

    3.1 Real-time production information and machine status

    sbl hmi

    You can use the relevant machine networking equipment of the original factory of the printing related machinery and equipment industry,
    Through the apps or website platform,
    Know the real-time machine status and production information of the machine,
    And can count the cumulative production information within a certain period of time.

    3.2 Preventive Maintenance

    Printing-related mechanical equipment has built-in related perceptron,
    After the machine has been run for a certain frequency or time,
    Through apps or emails,
    Issue relevant maintenance reminders or warning messages,
    Remind the master that the relevant maintenance procedures should be carried out,
    Or book a maintenance plan in advance.

    3.3 Remote maintenance

    In the event of an abnormality or failure of the printing related machine,
    This failure is not when mechanical parts or electronic equipment need to be replaced.
    The original factory can connect through the network,
    Know the current PLC program settings or machine parameter settings of the machine,
    It can quickly eliminate most of the fault situations due to PLC program, machine parameter setting, and improper adjustment.
    And greatly reduce maintenance costs and shorten maintenance timeliness.
    Most of the new generation machines like SBL machinery also have this function.

    4. Artificial Intelligence


    Speaking of artificial intelligence, one of the most talked-about things,
    That has to mention the artificial intelligence Go software AlphaGo developed by Google DeepMind,
    AlphaGo defeated Go master who ranked number one in 2017,
    It also makes the world have to be amazed at the speed of the evolution of artificial intelligence.
    With more and more units, manpower and resources invested in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years,
    Commercial applications of artificial intelligence have also sprung up.
    Back to the field of printing-related equipment, you can gradually see the footsteps of artificial intelligence,
    The editor also gives two application examples of artificial intelligence in printing-related industries for your reference:

    4.1 Parameter flow optimization

    Whether your company belongs to prepress, printing, post press related equipment or industry,
    In fact, many operators or supervisors share a problem,
    It is the domain knowledge of many printing-related production technologies.
    It is in the mind of the master,
    When an experienced master sees a certain shape or box,
    Mechanical parameter settings or positions can be adjusted very quickly,
    Produce it quickly and with high yield,
    But also because of the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence,
    At present, many printing related equipment machines,
    They all have similar intelligent functions,
    Complex setting data related to specific format or box parameters can be stored.
    When producing again, you only need to reload the data that was set up last time.
    Greatly reduce the dependence on the need for experienced masters and fathers to calibrate production.

    4.2 Algorithm for consumption prediction

    According to Drupa’s article published in 2022,
    The German company Vytal relies on artificial intelligence and algorithms “Anticipating how our gourmet partners’ container inventory will evolve and how to optimize(re)allocating containers will help Vytal maximize the environmental impact of reuse,”
    said Tim Breker, the co-founder of Vytal.
    Vytal has replaced more than 5 million single-use containers so quickly.
    The company’s operations demonstrate,
    Gourmets benefit from better environmental sustainability with reusable packaging solutions, and benefit from lower packaging costs and higher revenues,
    Because guests come more to buy things when returning containers.
    Simply put, Vytal uses artificial intelligence and algorithms,
    Calculate container demand for restaurants, canteens, cafes and retailers at different time
    At the same time, providing a reasonable number of reusable packaging containers,
    Also, the tracking and return rate of containers are given a complete system and software.
    One to meet the container needs of restaurants, canteens, cafes and retailers,
    Second, it also achieves the purpose of reducing the amount of disposable container garbage and greening the environment.

    5. E-commerce and online marketing

    Due to the epidemic from 2020 to 2022,
    Many major exhibitions around the world have also been cancelled or postponed.
    And the most well-known Drupa 2020 exhibition in the printing-related industry.
    Due to the epidemic, it was finally changed to online in 2021.
    Although it is foreseeable that the impact of the epidemic on people’s lives after 2023 will decrease over time,
    But as a member in print-related industry,
    Whether you have the following e-commerce or online marketing in 2023,
    It is a matter of whether you can develop more potential customers and market opportunities in the future.


    5.1 Content Marketing

    “Content Marketing” works by creating content that consumers love.
    To attract target customers and potential customers to visit your website continuously,
    And increase customer loyalty.
    Also because it conveys useful and interesting content,
    With a fairly high degree of attention,
    The list conversion rate will naturally increase.
    With the increasing popularity of the Internet,
    It’s the era of information explosion.
    Consumers are constantly exposed to explosive information from various platforms on the Internet,
    Therefore, the content of simply promoting products has made them feel bored.
    At this time, provide some informative and professional content articles,
    That is, “content marketing” will become a very good marketing strategy,
    So it can also be said to be the core of network marketing.

    5.2 Social Media Marketing

    “Social Media Marketing”,
    It’s the company uses for marketing, create specific information or content on social networking services to attract the attention of the consumer,
    Generate online discussion among the public.
    Although this is an online marketing technique,But the main purpose is to make businesses and consumers more connected and interactive.
    Social media commonly used by businesses for marketing purposes:

    • Facebook
    • IG
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Twitter

    5.3 Paid Digital Advertising Marketing

    Nowadays, traditional media advertising continues to concentrate on new media on the Internet.
    But, the cost of online advertising has also increased year by year.
    You have a budget for advertising,
    Want to expose your brand or product more immediately,
    Paid advertising for digital marketing (network marketing) can be selected,
    Including “keyword ads”, “Facebook ads”, “Google Network ads”, etc.,
    Different industries have different marketing models,
    At this time, it can be combined with SEO execution to achieve complementary traffic,
    At the same time, use data analysis to make more effective business decisions.

    5.4 SEO

    When we mention 5.3 paid digital advertising marketing,Another way to boost website traffic will definitely be discussed at the same time, which is “SEO”.
    SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.
    Adjust the website by understanding the operating rules of the search engine,
    and ways to improve the ranking of the website within the relevant search engine,
    And then create orders and increase profit.
    SEO can be divided into two main aspects to improve the direction of website search ranking:

    5.4.1 Technique

    • Website loading speed (the faster the better)
    • Invalid links (the fewer invalid links, the better)
    • Website security (HTTPS).
    • RWD web design (suitable for both computer and mobile web pages)
    • Sitemap
    • Meta Title and Meta Description(Title and description crawled by search engines)

    5.4.2 Content

    • Original article (high ranking scores for original content articles)
    • Conform to SEO technical structure (the more in line with SEO technical structure, the better)
    • Keyword analysis (understanding the user’s real product demand intention)
    • Website link optimization (links within the website and links outside the website)


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