Choosing the Right Die Cutting Machine for You

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Choosing the Right Die Cutting Machine for You

Knowing which commercial die-cutter is right for you will depend on several factors, such as what material you will be cutting, how often you will be using the machine, and your budget. By answering the following questions, you can understand which die-cutting machine you should invest in.

What are the different types of die-cutting equipment?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what kinds of die-cutting machines are available. Here is a brief overview of the most commonly used machines:


A rotary die-cutting machine uses a cylindrical anvil that rotates. It is fed with non-metallic material, and the die makes a series of quick and accurate cuts to create the desired shape or component.


This is a versatile option for different projects. The machine is driven by pressurized, hydraulic, electric, or manual sources. It’s used for various materials like metals, plastics, and composites.


This uses hydraulic pressures to create cuts with a steel rule die. Automatic flatbed die-cutters are ideal for use with laminates and sheets, precise kiss cuts, and butt cuts.


A laser die-cutting machine uses a non-thermal, focused beam to cut the material. It’s ideal for cutting non-metallic elastomers into different shapes and sizes because it doesn’t generate heat that can damage the material.

Water Jet

This type of machine uses a highly-pressurized stream of water to make cuts instead of physical dies. It’s perfect for cutting a wide range of materials, including metals and composites.

What will you use the die-cutting machine for?

All commercial die-cutters have a unique cutting operation capability. Here are some of them:

Through cutting

Through cutting, or metal-to-metal die-cutting, is ideal for materials with adhesive backing because the die-cut goes through the face, adhesive, and backing layers.

Kiss cutting

Kiss cutting stops the cut before it goes through the backing material layer. The die-cut design is easily removable from the intact backing layer. It’s ideal for labels, decals, and stickers.


The perforating cut design is held in place by perforated holes extending across the stock material. It’s easily detached along the perforated lines, making it ideal for tickets, coupons, and forms.

cutting machine
Cutting plotter close-up. The process of cutting a vinyl film.


The scoring cut design makes an indent or partial cut rather than a full cut. This is suitable for creating fold lines on business cards, greeting cards, and folding cartons.


Unlike scoring, creasing causes an inward bending bulge to form between two parallel stress points, making the material more flexible. This is ideal for thicker materials, like cardstock, that might tear if they were entirely cut.

What are the features of an ideal die-cutting machine?

Several features are standard among automatic die-cut machines, but the ideal machine will depend on your specific needs. Here are some features to look for:


The size of the die-cutter will be determined by the size of the materials you want to cut and the amount of space available. If you plan on cutting large materials, make sure the die-cutter can accommodate them.


The strength is the amount of force the die-cutter can exert on the material. More pressure means that the machine can cut through more rigid materials like steel.


A die-cutter is a significant investment, so you want to ensure it will last. Look for a device made from high-quality materials and has a strong warranty.

Ease of use

You should be able to set up and use the die-cutter without too much difficulty. Look for a machine with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface.


As with any purchase, you’ll want to compare prices to get the best deal. However, keep in mind that the cheapest option might not be the best value. Consider the features and performance of the die-cutter to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Choosing a suitable automatic die-cut machine for you can be tricky. However, if you know what features are essential to your business and what type of materials you’ll be cutting, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect machine for your needs.

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