Common Problems in the Hot Foil Stamping Process and How to Solve Them

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Common Problems in the Hot Foil Stamping Process and How to Solve Them

Hot foil stamping is nothing new, but it has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. As companies continue to find ways to customize their packaging, hot foil stamping became the top choice for its aesthetically pleasing results. More entrepreneurs are therefore choosing to purchase their own industrial foil stamping machine.

However, printing experts advise entrepreneurs to do their research before doing so. There are several challenges when printing packages, especially in the hot foil stamping process. Failing to understand these will result in mistakes and downtime that can affect business performance.

The Problems and Their Solutions

Once you learn how to identify problems in the process, you can act immediately. Make the most of your foil stamping machine by knowing how to solve the common challenges in using this printing process.

The Graphics are Faint or Fuzzy

Graphics and text typically become faint or fuzzy during the hot stamping process. This happens when the stamping temperature is too high. The foil paper gets scorched, compromising the quality of the graphics and text.

The Solution: Every type of foil paper has specific characteristics. Study them to adjust the foil stamping machine’s temperature accordingly. It will prevent the foil paper from getting scorched. In addition, adjusting the temperature will prevent the coking phenomenon, which ruins the foil paper. Making these changes in the process will prevent the graphics and text from becoming faint or fuzzy.

The Text is Blurred

No one wants blurry text for their labels and packaging, but it’s a common problem in the hot foil stamping process. It is caused by several reasons, such as too high temperatures, too thick paper coating, too much embossing force, and too lax foil installation.

The Solution: Addressing the causes of blurry text is as simple as adjusting the process based on the foil paper you’re using and the graphics and text that will be stamped.

  • Lower the printing plate temperature to prevent the different film layers from sticking together and blurring the text.
  • Adjust the amount of coating you apply on the foil paper to prevent it from covering the text and making it unreadable.
  • Adjust the embossing force based on the materials you’re using. Thinner materials need less force, while thicker materials can take more.
  • Make sure the foil installation is done properly before continuing with the stamping process. Apart from blurred text, this may result in unattractive products that you’ll have to throw away.

The Graphics and Text are Uneven

In foil stamping, uneven text or graphics refers to dark and well-done prints in some areas and hard to read in others. Uneven edges are also common, making the final product look shoddy and incomplete.This often happens because of an uneven plate layout, which is the result of poor installation. When the graphics or texts are stamped, the pressure throughout the plate is uneven and creates inconsistencies in the final product.

The Solution: When installing the plate, make sure it is laid down flat and even. It gives the stamping mechanism a flat base, allowing the pressure to spread out evenly across the plate. Also, try adjusting the amount of pressure in the stamping process. This will prevent over-embossed prints and give you better results.

The Quality is Inconsistent

It’s typical to have inconsistencies in quality when using a new machine with its own process. Most entrepreneurs who make the switch to hot foil stamping experience this problem. Quality inconsistencies occur because of a poor understanding of the materials and the machine.

The Solution: Take the time to study your hot foil stamping machine and the materials you will use. Conduct tests to see which temperature and pressure settings are suitable for specific materials. Test it out with your planned text and graphics to determine what adjustments you have to make in the process.

The hot foil stamping process is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to customize their labels and packaging fully. By learning how to use the machine properly, you can prevent costly mistakes that will affect your bottom line.

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