Folder Gluer Machine: 3 Factors to Ensure Safe Operation

Folder Gluer Machine: 3 Factors to Ensure Safe Operation

With the explosive growth of e-commerce sales, automated folder gluer machines are playing a key part in meeting the surge in packaging demand. But to guarantee efficient and timely production, packaging facilities have to prioritize the safe operation of their automated box folding machines.

Operating your folder gluer machine safely increases your production efficiency and helps reduce the risk of on-site injuries and accidents. You’ll also reduce your production costs, since a safe, efficient operation helps decrease machine wastes, such as rejects and inconsistent folding results.

To help packaging facilities utilize their automated folder gluer machines to the fullest, SBL Machinery lists the three keys to safely operating your equipment.

1. Machine Inspection

Your folder gluer machine should be in top condition to avoid accidents. Prep the machine each time before using it. Carefully check the moving parts and safety protection devices for issues before turning the equipment on. Apply oil to the parts that require lubrication according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember to adjust the slope and height of the bracket to make it suitable for the size of the box you’re folding. The box should be able to move forward on the machine smoothly.

Check if the glue tank has enough glue for the number of boxes you’re making. The amount of glue should immerse 80 percent of the rubber wheel indicator inside the tank.

Turn on the power switch, vibration switch, and main motor switch. After the machine has warmed up, you need to debug it. You can do this by pressing the Run or Inch key, then pressing the Paper key. This process will perform a test run on five to 10 sheets, allowing you to adjust the molding specifications and position of the moving parts.

Pay attention to the box sheets as they feed into the machine. Make sure they’re not misaligned to avoid creases and wrinkles on the box.

2. Training

Provide the appropriate training for your machine operators. Apart from the day-to-day operations of the folder-gluer, your staff should also know how to spot issues and defects and how to troubleshoot them.

It’s best to receive training from the manufacturer or supplier who sold you the machine. Generally, the installation and setup of the equipment and the operator training takes two weeks. While the supplier is setting up the folder-gluer, they’ll walk your staff through the machine’s components and their functions.

The trainer will also demonstrate the operation of the folding machine using a variety of blanks or box sheets. Then, they’ll explain all the details of the process, including the jogging of the blanks, pinch points, transfer points, belt tension, folding options, and other parts that you might need to produce the boxes.

Your staff should also know how to adjust the amount of pressure the upper carriers are putting on the lower carriers. The training will cover tooling assembly as well, teaching operators how and where to attach them to the machine. This part of the training shows your staff the tooling options available and alternative methods of setting up the machine.

3. Auxiliary Equipment

Optional equipment pieces are available for automated box folding machines. These add functionalities to the equipment or make the manufacturing process even more efficient.

Keep in mind that you’ll need additional training for the auxiliary equipment you’re adding. This makes sure that your operators know how to utilize and troubleshoot the add-on devices.

Here are some additional equipment worth considering:

  • Extrusion glue system: This helps ensure the consistency of the boxes you’re producing. The extrusion guns scan the glue lines being laid down, making sure that there’s enough glue to produce quality bonds.
  • Quality control: All types of quality control functions are interfaced with respective ejection systems. This setup ensures that the defective box doesn’t leave the production line and doesn’t reach the end-user. You can choose between a system that’s integrated with the machine or an add-on component.
  • Security devices: Camera systems, RFID, and Sensormatic tags are great for high-value items. Your staff can use the cameras to control the position and presence of these tags, as well as other items like labels and tags. The cameras can also detect printing alignment, ensuring the quality of your output.

Other than these three factors, folder-gluer machines require daily maintenance. With proper training, your operators should know how to clean and adjust the internal components of the machine. An overall maintenance program will keep your folder-gluer at its optimal level, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

State-of-the-Art Packaging Equipment

For top-grade folding gluing machines and other packaging equipment, SBL machinery is here to help you fulfil your production needs. We carry a range of packaging solutions with options for customization, meeting the unique needs of different industries. We also offer maintenance and repair services to ensure the safe operation of your packaging equipment.

For enquiries about our automated box folding machines, call SBL Machinery at +886 2 2680-2199 or fill out our contact form.


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