Maintenance and operation and work object丨SBL new generation auto die cutting machine 1060-SEA (Part 2)

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Maintenance and operation and work object丨SBL new generation auto die cutting machine 1060-SEA (Part 2)

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    SBL Machinery’s belief that “there is no best machine, only better machine“, SBL launched a new generation of 1060-SEA die cutting machine in 2022, with a total of 5 major feature improvements or performance optimizations, the previous issue has been introduced for 1, [output value benefit] and 2, [structural optimization], this issue will introduce 3, [maintenance frequency] 4, [easy operation] 5, [work objects] part.

    Selecting a high-quality post-press packaging equipment machine, and our daily use of the car is the same reason, in addition to the need to consider the function and performance of the aspect, logistics maintenance and operability is also a very important consideration, I believe you will not expect to buy a production equipment with excellent performance, in the future for maintenance or operational problems, and spend a lot of effort and costs. You should already be eager to read the content of this issue, and for those who want to know more about the die cutting machine, don’t miss the wonderful content of this issue.

    3. Maintenance frequency

    Even if it is a world-renowned big brand, such as mobile phone manufacturer Apple Computer, car manufacturer Tesla, I believe that everyone still hears of product failures or defects, it should be said that there can be no 100% perfect products, and these brands or products that are trusted by consumers usually have two requirements, one is that the product life is higher, and the other is that the maintenance cost or frequency is reduced. Maintenance is usually a test of the ability of machinery and equipment manufacturers in another aspect, and the level of this ability is also closely related to the second-hand market of machinery and equipment, which is the main reason why SBL machines are always inquired and retain value in the second-hand market.
    The improvement in the maintenance frequency of SBL 1060-SEA die cutting machine has a total of 24 sub-projects, which are divided into three categories and excerpted as follows:

    3.1 Reduce the frequency of maintenance

    • Part A independent servo drive
      The power of Part A is independently supplied by the servo motor, reducing the mechanical components that originally need to be transmitted by the main machine.
    • Feeder two-suction torque jump design
      If there is an abnormal situation stuck during the operation of the second suction, the fixture will jump off to avoid the second suction from continuing to force the operation. Protect the machine under abnormal conditions to avoid structural damage.
    How Does the Die Cut Design Process Work?
    • Gripper bar two-point clamping | reduce the maintenance of clamping mechanism parts
      Two-point clamping reduces the bending and deformation of the gripper bar caused by the clamping, and greatly reduces the frequency of replacement of the gripper bar.
    • Stripping section part and blanking section | Template clamping torque protection
      The locking handwheel with a torque limiting mechanism prevents deformation or damage to the formwork due to excessive force in the locking operation.

    3.2 Improve stability

    • Part A  main lift electric cylinder mobile platform | improve the main lift chain teeth
      The main platform of Part A uses an electric cylinder to control the platform to move left and right, which improves the problem that the original main lifting chain may fall teeth.
    • Paper feeding platform nitrogen cylinder | Maintain stable paper belt tension
      The paper feed belt nitrogen cylinder tension device allows the belt to maintain stable operation.
    • Stripping section part and blanking section | cutting plate support structure strengthened
      The formwork support structure in the stripping section is designed with support reinforcement, and the stripping section work of full plate rolling and cutting can also be performed.

    3.3 Improve durability

    • Feeder two-suction linear slide module
      The second suction seat uses a linear slide module, which has stable operation and high durability.
    • Feeder cam surface treatment
      Feeder head cam, surface treatment black chrome plating, wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high thermal stability.
    micro-arc oxide coating
    • Surface treatment of valve rotor | micro-arc oxide coating
      Feeder valve rotor, surface micro-arc oxidation treatment, high hardness, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, high temperature resistance, high fatigue strength.
    • Feeder engineering plastic driven roller | oil-free lubrication
      If the driven roller is made of metal, long-term use needs to be oiled and lubricated to maintain normal positive motion. With engineering plastic rollers, the oiling maintenance procedure can be eliminated.
    • Low mold rolling and cutting | prolong mechanical life
      The cutting plate is optimized and improved, and the machine can complete the rolling and cutting work with low die cutting pressure, uniform molding, sensitive plate response, and reduce the time of rolling and cutting patch plate setting.
    paper clip
    • Carbon fiber gripper bar | high mechanical strength, durable, lightweight
      The lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber body realizes high-speed operation performance. 
    • Machine brake | extend the clutch and brake to make the plate life
      The main clutch and braking brake are controlled by the air circuit to achieve three different braking modes. Depending on the braking situation, the required braking force is automatically triggered, effectively extending the clutch and the service life of the plate.
    • Low torque fluctuation cam design | high durability
      Symmetrical cam curve, balanced motion configuration, low acceleration peak, low cam load, reduce torque fluctuations in the overall Feeder drivetrain. System acceleration extremes are reduced by an average of 30%. Low load.

    3.4 Abnormal detection or easy maintenance

    Two sheets of paper detection device
    • Two sheets of paper detection device | mechanical, ultrasonic sensing
      There are two types of sensing systems for the two sheets of paper on the machine, one is a mechanical sensing system, suitable for corrugated fiberboard composite layer thick paper, ultrasonic sensing is suitable for all kinds of paper except corrugated fiberboard.
    • Stripping section part and blanking section | upper mold frame abnormal detection shutdown
      When the mold frame is not installed normally, or when the paper jam is faulty, the mold frame is skewed, the detector sensor will send a shutdown signal to suspend the machine operation, so as to avoid the mold frame or machine damage when the mold frame position is incorrect and the machine continues to operate.
    • Support IOT remote maintenance
      Support IOT models, when the machine can be connected to the Internet, it can be connected with the SBL factory, SBL can remotely know the error message and fault status of the machine, and can remotely adjust the PLC program parameters in the machine for troubleshooting.

    4. Easy to operate

    4.1 Electrical register

    Electronic Harry

    Parametric operation adjustment, using laser cursor to edge to reduce side positioning setup time. Compared to the mechanical register, there is no need to switch between push or pull side positioning due to the weight or thickness of the paper.

    4.2 Stripping section part and blanking section machine center line positioning design

    center line positioning design

    The machine is designed with grooves at the center point of the stripping section part and the blanking section, which is convenient for the template to quickly align the center position of the machine, so that the template can be installed in the center of the machine, and there is no need to fine-tune or measure to confirm the program of the center position of the machine.

    4.3 Stripping section part and blanking section mold frame fine adjustment position display

    The upper and lower mold frames and middle templates of the tripping section part are designed with a position fine-tuning mechanism, adjust the handwheel attached position display table, and fine-tune the tripping section mold and finished mold position to achieve accurate tripping section or mold parting.
    Quick clamping configuration of stripping section part and blanking section part.
    Quick clamping design, quick installation and replacement of templates, suitable for repeated work setup or replacement of different work objects.

    5. Product

    full plate

    5.1 Tissue paper

    Because of the light weight of paper, it is actually difficult to process or maintain a certain high yield compared to paper with a relatively high thickness, but SBL 1060-SEA is optimized in the following three places, so that even if the machine processes thin paper, it will not have the yield decline common to general cartel mills.

    • Electrical register
      Using electronic positioning, the paper can be positioned without physical contact, avoiding the offset problem that occurs when the paper hits the positioning equipment during processing.
    • Cutting plate optimization
      The cutting plate has been optimized to shorten the stroke, which can reduce the conveying distance of the paper and greatly reduce the abnormal situation caused by the influence of external forces during the transfer process.
    • Mechanism to keep the paper flat

      Air blowing inside die chase blowing device.
      Stripping section section|paper tail suction.

    5.2 Cigarette packs

    cigarette packs

    The cigarette box belongs to a small box type, so most of them will be typeset close to the full plate for rolling and cutting, but the full plate is actually a test of whether the die cutting machine is stable and special working state, the full plate needs to be molded during processing to maintain a very stable temperature, and the pressure in each region also needs to be consistent. SBL 1060-SEA is optimized in the following two places to facilitate full-plate processing of cigarette packs.

    • Low molded rolling cutting

      The machine can complete the rolling and cutting work with low die cutting pressure. Uniform molding, sensitive patch response, reduce the time for rolling and cutting patch plate setup.

    • Optimized stripping section structure and movement

      Symmetrical cam curve, balanced motion configuration, low acceleration peaks, low cam load, and reduced torque fluctuations in the overall feeder drivetrain. Formwork support structure in the robust stripping section section. Stripping section work for full-plate rolling can also be performed.

    5-3 Partial mold finished products

    For work objects such as identification sets, the center point position needs to be punched for stripping section, and an excellent center point positioning and adjustment mechanism is required to set the hole position can be accurately punched at the middle point position of the finished mold and successfully complete the stripping section work.


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