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About SBL

Launched in 1968, SBL has become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of machines for the post-printing and packaging industries. The last 50+ years have seen our company grow as an institution that industries can rely on for quality and excellence. Decades’ worth of research and industry experience goes into our product designs. Thus, customers get efficient, economical, reliable, and safe equipment that will bring more value to their business.

SBL Company in Taiwan

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The SBL headquarters occupies 4,730 square meters in New Taipei City, Taiwan. A new office building was built in 2012, which now stands alongside our exclusive processing and assembly plant for R&D machine parts. We build the components for our high-performing machinery inside these facilities.

Our Partners

SBL post-printing and die-cutting machines are used all over the world. Our international partners help us distribute our world-class products and make them available to companies and industries that need robust equipment for the mass production of die-cut sheets and packaging products. View our distributors and partners here.

Awards and Certifications

SBL maintains high standards for quality and aims to bring value to every client that buys our equipment. We are certified for ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, as well as CE certified for our OEM and ODM for foil stamping, die-cutting, and high-speed folding and gluing machines. We also received prestigious recognitions such as the National Brand Yushan Award and the Dragon Award of Taiwan, both of which cite the superiority of our products.


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