Call during repair, please have the following five items:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Machine Number
  3. Models
  4. Machine Operator
  5. Contact phone number

We so easily the fastest time from maintenance problems, find the corresponding parts, and can quickly master the machine condition occurs, the data can also get ready for your company to deal with the problem accelerate progress.

The operation of gripper transmission protecting device and reset:

This device ensure the machine service life and operating safety. When the gripper bar can’t run normally because of interrupted by some other obstacles. Then the protecting device will function. At the mean time, actuates the proximity switch SI and the indicator lamp “ON”. Machine stop running immediately.

  1. First turn off the key switch. After flywheel stops completely, remove the obstacles. Then we can proceed with the operation.
  2. Open the small cover in front of transmission side. (Fig A)
  3. Turn brake switch (Fig B) to “release” position, the brake skipping sound will be heard.
  4. Insert the lever to one hole of flywheel.(Fig C.9)
  5. Rotate the flywheel lever, so that movable platen descends to the lowest limit. Then the torque limiter can reset.
  6. If we still can not reset after the movable platen has reached the lowest limit. Try to use the accessory part (YD0913) and rotate the open wrench till resetting has been completed, then the indicator lamp “OFF” (Fig C.8)。(If the skipping gap has been recovered, but the indicator lamp is still “ON” ; then check if the proximity switch S1 has been broken or the torque limiter still hasn’t yet reset))。
  7. After complete the above operation, please rotate the pulley (clockwisely) and check the action of gripper bar. If it is running normally, then turn the brake switch back to “NORMAL” position. At last the machine starts running.

When the lever is useless, don’t leave it on flywheel to keep from danger.

Meaning or purpose
Examples of use
Stop signs.
Identification and color of emergency.
Shutdown devices.
Prohibition signs.
Caution, risk of danger.
Indication of hazards.
Warning signs.
Identification of thresholds, dangerous passages, obstacles.
Safe condition.
Mandatory signs.
Identification of safety showers, first-aid posts and rescue points, Emergency exit signs.

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