Output Value and Structural丨SBL new generation of auto die cutting machine 1060-SEA (Part 1)

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Output Value and Structural丨SBL new generation of auto die cutting machine 1060-SEA (Part 1)

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    Early article mentioned the criteria for selecting machinery manufacturers that meet procurement needs. In addition to suggesting that it is best to have a specific market operation history (at least 20 years), whether the R&D capability can evolve with the times is another essential indicator. The new generation 1060-SEA auto die cutting machine launched by SBL machinery in 2022 has five significant feature improvements or performance optimizations and will always continue to strive with the belief that “there is no best machine, only better machines“. These 5 characteristics of the part, this issue first on the first and second, [output value] and [structural optimization] to introduce the friends, want to know more about the die cutting machine friends, Take advantage the brilliant content of this issue.

    1. Output value benefit

    First of all, many customers are interested in the price of SBL’s new generation 1060-SEA die cutting machine,
    Compared with the original SBL-1050 SE standard machine,
    Question if the price is about 1 times higher?
    The customer believes that the price of the 1060-SEA machine is nearly 1 time more, 
    which does not meet their expected range.
    However, customers who have played the abacus well or have undergone in-depth research cannot help but feel that the benefits are worth it for the following reasons:

    1.1 Output value benefit

    The SBL 1060-SEA machine is very high-speed.
    Increased from 8000 sheet/h to 9000 sheet /h,
    It can be seen from the above figure that if the continuous output of the machine the assumption of 1 year,
    A year can bring more than $96,000 USD in benefits,
    Of course, the machine cannot operate continuously 24 hours a day.
    To convert the capacity of the client (8 hours a day)
     It should take 3~4 years to bring more valuable benefits than the machine itself.

    1.2 Space Efficiency

    12-On-site environment.PNG

    The company is in the initial stage of development.
    The planning or machine space may be sufficient.
    But, to the late accelerated expansion stage.
    The available space in many customers’ plants is quite a tight and precious resource. It is like the recent hot news “insufficient egg production” in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.
    A chicken farm may have sufficient breeding space at the beginning.
    Raise 1,000 chickens, and each chicken can produce 0.8 eggs a day.
    It is about 800 eggs a day.
    But chickens with higher production can have one egg daily, meaning 1,000 eggs daily.
    Initially., if the customer needs 1000 eggs per day.
    We can add 250 standard-production chickens or 200 high-production chickens that can meet customers’ needs; however, if the daily consumption increases to 2000 eggs.
    Unless the whole plant is full of high-production chickens;
    Otherwise, a single factory will not be able to meet the order needs of customers.
    At this time, the benefits of unit production output value will emerge.

    1.3 Personnel benefits


    A technician who operates a machine,
    There is an upper limit of machines that the operator can operate simultaneously. The wages of skilled operators are fixed, which is a fixed cost for the factory.
    In other words, the output increases if the machine performs faster.
    At most, the cost of labor has a slight change in overtime pay due to the increase in working hours.
    The greater the benefits created.

    1.4 Urgent order requirements

    Now the consumer market is changing rapidly,
    From the mass production model to the customized production.
    If the customer receives an urgent order for mass production, factories equipped with low-speed machines can not meet the production requirement.
    This kind of strangulation regret that the duck flies away,
    It is not uncommon on the client side.

    2. Structural optimization

    Motion and structure of SBL 1060-SEA optimizes in with three main aspects of improvement, “life improvement,” “yield improvement,” and “vehicle speed improvement.” The details of the three aspects of improvement are as follows:

    2.1 Life expectancy improvement

    Structure optimizer increases the lifecycle of the machine, such as consumable parts.
    Improving machine durability is not simply using stiffer or stronger material thicknesses.
    For example, to improve the shoes’ wear resistance, sole manufacturers improve it not only by structure and function design but also by material, silicon. Back to SBL 1060-SEA life and durability improvement, three main aspects of “life improvement,” “yield rate improvement,” and “vehicle speed improvement” have been optimized. Details as follows:

    2.1.1 Smooth transmission of Feeder cam


    The cam of the feeder is the key for the die cutter like the CPU in the computer,
    Whether the cam operation curve is smooth or not is greatly related to the maximum operation speed, vibration and life of the die cutting machine,
    SBL 1060-SEA configuration has been optimized and improved cam,balanced motion configuration, low acceleration peak, low cam load,
    reduce the torque fluctuation of the overall Feeder transmission system,
    and the load value is reduced by up to 30% above.

    2.1.2 Part A servo drive

    The power of Part A is independently transmitted by the servo motor,
    which reduces the need for mechanical components to transmit power by the main machine.
    Reduce the frequent maintenance items that require chain oiling, and also reduce the wear and repair of mechanical parts.

    2.1.3 Braking force control

    The main clutch and braking brake are controlled by the air circuit to achieve three different braking modes.
    Depending on the braking situation, the required braking force is automatically triggered, 
    effectively extending the clutch and the service life of the plate..

    •  Inching Run:

      -Brake at low speeds requires only the lightest braking force.
      -The inch movement stop position is accurate, and the gripper bar does not shake.
      -It is used for sampling inspection and observation of machine operation movements.

    • Operation Stop:
      -Smooth parking. Better durability for parts.
      -Stop at the fixed machine clamping position to facilitate the operator’s replacement work.
      -Used at the end of the work, or for the removal of molds in the rolling section, stripping section part, and blanking section.
    • Emergency Stop:

      -In case of emergency, stop the machine immediately at any position with maximum braking force.
      -After 7 seconds of emergency braking, the main chain safety lock hooks the chain to ensure that the gripper bar stops and protects personnel.
      -Actuates when abnormal paper is detected or when the emergency stop button is pressed. Park anywhere immediately. 

    2.1.4 Gripper bar two-point clamping

    paper clip2
    • Two-point clamping reduces the bending deformation of the gripper bar caused by clamping and improves the stability of paper clamping.
    • It can realize passive clamping of the paper receiving part, simple structure, and reduce the maintenance items of parts of the clamping mechanism. The paper is collected neatly.

    2.1.5 Main chain track tension device and hydraulic buffer cylinder

    • The main chain sprocket cushions the hydraulic cylinder to reduce the vibration caused by the chain operation.
    • Improve the stability of the machine at high speeds, while improving the durability of the main chain.

    2.2 Yield improvement

    Talking about the yield part,
    The higher the yield, in addition to increasing the income of the output value,
    It is also a major key to cost savings,
    Of course, machine manufacturers will say that the yield of their own machine production is excellent.
    But in fact, as far as the carter is concerned, if you want to get a higher rolling and cutting yield,
    There are many levels and factors involved,
    As far as SBL’s new model the 1060-SEA auto die cutting machine is concerned.
    The reason why I dare to say that the yield of processed paper can be improved,
    It is mainly used in the three major aspects of stable paper feeding, accurate positioning and fault blocking paper for design optimization or improvement. 

    2.2.1 Stable feed paper

    How Does the Die Cut Design Process Work?

    Stable feeding paper is like playing basketball, and the angle of the player’s pass and the correct timing must have a significant impact on the shooting rate of the basketball shooter. In a stable feed orientation, SBL’s new model 1060-SEA is designed or optimized for eyebrow angles as follows:

    • Feeder paper feeding design | stable paper feeding
      The new generation of Feeder motion design, stable paper feeding. The combination of movement between the nozzle and the presser foot provides stable paper feeding performance. The timing design of the valve divider valve performs the paper separation and feeding work well and energy-saving. Second, the motion design of the isokinetic paper discharge area of the suction feeding paper.
    • Short stroke cutting plate | Reduce turbulent interference
      The midseat travel is reduced by 30%, which significantly reduces turbulence in the rolling section space. You can understand that in fact, paper is a very thin object, the conveying process will follow the belt pull, there is a certain inertia direction forward, but the longer the moving distance, of course, the easier it is to interfere with some external factors (static electricity, external wind, crease bending, etc)), and cause abnormal operation and rolling failure, reduce the middle seat movement stroke by 30%, improve the stability of the paper feed help can be imagined.
    • Air blowing inside die chase
      The knife die frame blows air exhaust to assist in blowing the paper sent to the rolling and cutting section to avoid paper curling. The purpose is to improve the stability of the rolling and cutting process when the machine is running at high speed. Effectively improve the productivity of tissue paper workloads.
    • Stripping section | paper tail suction
      The purpose of the stripping section part is to flatten the paper tail so that the paper does not curl. Improve the stability of paper feeding. The tail suction function keeps the paper flat in the stripping section, improving the accuracy and stability of the paper during stripping section.
    • Blanking section | paper tail suction
      The purpose of the sub-mold suction exhaust is to flatten the paper tail so that the paper does not curl. Improve the stability of paper feeding. The tail suction function keeps the paper flat during mold parting, improving the accuracy and stability of paper parting.

    2.2.2 Precise positioning

    In addition to paper, the ability to maintain accurate positioning is also one of the key factors, and the optimization for SBL 1060-SEA to ensure accurate positioning is as follows:

    SCB centerline
    • Stripping section department | gripper bar positioning mechanism
      Located on the stripping section track. It can be positioned laterally and vertically. When removing chips, make sure the paper jaw row is completely stationary. Ensure paper and stripping section tools are positioned for good stripping section.
    • Stripping section | machine center line positioning mechanism
      When installing the stripping section template, place the positioning block alignment grooves in. Quick installation alignment of the center line. Achieve precise stripping section of small, porous products.
    • Stripping section part | mold frame position fine-tuning mechanism
      The upper and lower mold frames and middle templates of the stripping section part are designed with a position fine-tuning mechanism, and the position display table attached to the handwheel is adjusted to fine-tune the stripping section mold position to achieve accurate stripping section work.

    2.2.3 Fault stopper

    01_Die cutting_9000

    When there is a problem in the die cutting, whether it can find and stop the operation of the equipment in real time is actually a very critical aspect, if there is no immediate stop, the later it is detected or stopped, the higher the probability and number of sheets that cause other normal paper to be damaged, SBL 1060-SEA in the fault baffle is optimized as follows:

    • Front faulty paper barrier function
      When the paper feeding section detects an abnormal condition during the feeding process, the machine will automatically start the faulty paper blocking function. At the same time, the machine brakes urgently and stops the machine immediately. Improve product yield. Avoid ineffective consumption of work. Protect the main structure of the machine from being damaged by foreign objects.
    • Side positioning roller cylinder
      The electronic Harry side positioning roller set cylinder does not operate. No lateral positioning correction is performed on abnormal paper.
    • Faulty paper clip paper cylinder
      Located in the front gear, it is lifted to clamp the faulty paper when actuated. Force the paper to stop in the front position.
    • Gripper bar forced to open clamp cylinder
      When actuated, the forced gripper bar remains open. Make sure that the paw row does not pick up faulty paper. 

    2.3 Speed increase

    sbl hmi

    Compared with the SBL 1050-SE standard machine, the speed of the SBL 1060-SEA cartel mill has been increased from 8000/sheet to 9000/sheet, but at present, the world can stably reach 9000/sheet die cutting, which is about Bobst , Heidelberg and SBL can be achieved, it can be seen that the stable reach of this speed, can be said to be a manufacturer’s technical ability of the observation index project. The SBL 1060-SEA speed increase is mainly due to the following design optimizations:

    2.3.1 Optical lateral sheet register | Paperless edge contact side positioning

    Use linear motors with photoelectric sensors from SICK. Paperless edge contact side positioning improves paper feeding stability and avoids paper edge damage. Good tissue paper production efficiency. Stable paper feeding is necessary for good rolling cutting.

    2.3.2 Gripper bar forcibly positioning cam mechanism

    When the clutch is disengaged, the main chain disc is fixed by forced positioning. When the gripper bar is paused in intermittent motion, fix the position of the gripper bar to ensure that the gripper bar is stationary.

    2.3.3 Clutch cam mechanism

    Responsible for the input and separation of the transmission. When invested, drive the main chain reel and drive the movement of the gripper bar. When separated, the main chain disc and gripper bar are stationary.

    2.3.4 Medium seat cutting type rolling and cutting|stable and uniform molding

    Middle-seat cutting type rolling and cutting, high rolling and cutting efficiency. The deformation of the side wall is uniform, the rolling and cutting results are stable, and there will be no local loss of pressure rolling continuously. The machine can complete the rolling and cutting work with low die cutting pressure. Uniform molding, sensitive patch response, reduce the time for rolling and cutting patch plate setup.

    2.3.5 Parting mold finished product conveyor table, continuous production without stopping

    When the finished product needs to be inserted into the separator or replace the pallet, it can take over the collection and operation of the finished product to achieve the effect of non-stop operation of the machine. After the separator is inserted or the pallet is replaced, the rod is retracted. Continuous harvesting without interruption.

    2.3.6 Paper brush in the receiving department|The finished product is received neatly

    Use a linear motor to drive the brush. Match the production speed of 9000 vehicles. The brush slows down the paper tail to avoid paper curling and receive the material neatly.

    2.3.7 Carbon fiber grippers

    The lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber body realizes high-speed operation performance. Low deformation ensures consistent size of the clipping bite and improves paper feeding stability. High mechanical strength and high durability. “Two-point clamping” “bite position below”


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