How to Choose the Right Folder Gluer for Your Operations


How to Choose the Right Folder Gluer for Your Operations

If you are strategizing for your company’s future growth, it’s typical to start thinking of which of your equipment and machines to update or replace. A good approach is to identify which areas in the production process need to be streamlined.

When a product reaches the folding and gluing department, a lot of time, effort, and money has been used in other areas, such as the prepress, printing, and staging. Delays or mistakes in one of the final steps will only cause problems for the whole operation.

Discover how the right folder gluer machinery has the potential to increase production speeds, improve flexibility, and assist in your planned growth strategy. Learn how to find the right machine for your company to make the most out of this investment.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Selecting a Folder Gluer

A new piece of equipment is a major investment, regardless if you’re a new business or already looking to expand. Asking the right questions will help you determine if the machine suits your current and future operational needs.

What does your budget allow?

The price range for a new folder gluer machine varies. A machine designed for simple products (e.g., cardboard boxes) will be more affordable than one that can accommodate complex products (e.g., unusually shaped boxes). The price also reflects the technological features that come with the machine. However, this doesn’t mean a folder gluer that is technologically advanced will be financially unattainable.

In addition to the machine’s design and technological features, consider how it benefits your operations. Consider how much you will earn back with the new machine. One that is more expensive but still fits your budget might be the better choice if it lets you speed up and increase production. A cheaper machine that has limited capabilities will likely cause you to replace it in a couple of years, resulting in more costs in the long run.

What kind of materials can the machine process?

The paperboard market produces different types of folding cartons, while the corrugated market produces cardboard boxes. Most folder gluer machines have specific mechanisms to accommodate these materials. If you purchase a machine built specifically for corrugated boxes, you can’t expect it to work effectively and efficiently in producing paper cartons.

When looking for a folder gluer machine, take the time to do your research. Look up specifications and clarify functions and features with the manufacturer. Some devices can be modified with special tools to offer better flexibility in handling different materials. It would help to learn more about them.

What are the safety features?

Accidents may shut down your production, causing you to lose valuable time and money. More importantly, these can cause physical and psychological injuries to your employees. The machine you choose must have the proper safety features.

  • Guarded pinch points prevent employees from getting snagged on the machine.
  • A two-press start system acts as an additional safety measure as it gives the operator more control.
  • An emergency stop mechanism will prevent accidents in cases when the machine needs to be shut down immediately.
What kind of aftersales support does the maker/seller offer?

A folder gluer machine is a robust piece of technology that requires its operators to undergo training. Otherwise, they put themselves and the rest of your organization in danger. When choosing a machine, look to manufacturers who provide training because they have first-hand knowledge helpful for your employees.

In addition to training, consider the manufacturer’s aftersales support services. When something happens with your folder gluer machine, you need experts to identify the problem and the appropriate solution to ensure your machine’s performance and durability.

SBL Machinery has been providing packaging companies with high-quality folder gluer machinery since the 1960s. With our machines, you can grow your business practically and sustainably.

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