How To Purchase the Right Hot Foil Stamper Machine|4 things customers who buy hot stamping machine regret the most (Buying Guide)

How To Purchase the Right Hot Foil Stamper Machine|4 things customers who buy hot stamping machine regret the most (Buying Guide)

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    Since the first two phases of SBL Machinery officially launched the Regret series of blog articles, the Regret series of Die cutting machines in October, the Folder gluer machines in November, and finally the final chapter of the December is the Hot Foil Stamper machine, this regret series of articles have been widely received by many clients and have positive responses.
    Back to the theme of this month’s article, the editor hopes through the article “How to purchase a suitable Hot Foil Stamper machine?| 4 things customers who buy hot stamping machine  regret most (Buying guide)” this month to share the 4 things that customers are most likely to regret because they have not considered and evaluated clearly. First, it can help you choose a hot stamping machine that is more suitable for your own needs, and also help you avoid falling into traps or falling into myths when purchasing hot stamping machines. I firmly believe that if you refer to the following 4 things before purchasing, you can greatly reduce the chances of everyone going wrong.

    1. Types of gold foil and hot stamping blocks

    Hot stamping machine manufacturers are machinery manufacturers, and gold foil is usually produced by a special manufacturer. However, most hot stamping machine manufacturers have long-term cooperation with gold foil manufacturers(ex:KURZ(germany),Univacco(Taiwan)). It is recommended that you must first communicate with the hot stamping machine manufacturer when purchasing a hot stamping machine. You need to confirm the type of gold foil, the range and shape of the hot stamping block required because different “gold foil types” and “hot stamping block ranges” will have their corresponding suitable models and setting parameters (temperature, pressure, time, skip setting … etc.), so you must first figure out the type of gold foil and the range of the hot stamping block you need, so as to avoid the risk of purchasing an unsuitable model.

    1.1 Types of gold foil

    Before introducing the types of gold foil, let’s clarify an important point. The material used in gold foil in the modern hot stamping process is actually not gold, but “anodized aluminum” instead, and the color can also pass through the coloring dye layer and the aluminum layer. Match each other, deploy a variety of different color codes. Gold foils of different colors and different types can be used in conjunction with each other. At present, there are dozens of types of commercially used gold foils on the market. Here I will introduce the 7 most common types of gold foils for everyone to know.

    Cold Foil vs Hot Foil Stamping: What’s the Difference?

    1.1.1 Metallic Hot Stamping Foil

    The classic metallic hot stamping foil has more than 100 colors to choose, and can create a distinctive metallic luster according to the needs of different colors from customers.

    1.1.2 Matte Metallic Hot Stamping Foil

    The matte metallic hot stamping foil has a more delicate and soft shine than ordinary ones. At the same time, it has a matte visual with metallic feeling, and often used in cosmetics packaging or high-unit-priced outer packaging.

    1.1.3 Pearlescent Gold Foil

    Pearlescent gold foil is different from the general hot stamping foil’s metallic feeling. It should be said that the degree of brightness is between ordinary metallic hot stamping foil and matte metallic hot stamping foil, which can show the unique elegance and delicacy of the product.

    1.1.4 Holographic Foil

    Holographic foil usually has a corresponding pattern or LOGO on it. The pattern will have special changes depending on the viewer’s viewing angle. It is often used on anti-counterfeit labels, brand packaging, and fake fishing baits.
    In addition, it can be made into transparent or colorful styles.

    1.1.5 Metallic Aurora Foil

    Metallic aurora foil is often called color-changing foil. The color will change in different viewing angles. It is often used in printing, textiles, etc. It can create a unique design style.

    1.1.6 Hairline Hot Stamping Foil

    Hairline hot stamping foil, some people also call it carbon fiber gold foil. After being stamped to the substrate, the product will have a special texture like hairline, and it is also a popular and widely used pattern in recent years.

    1.1.7 Translucent Gold Foil

    The translucent gold foil uses the latest metallization technology, making it a semi-transparent metal foil, which can show the texture of the bottom material and is full of metallic feeling. This feature can be used to combine more diverse printing visual variability. It is often used in product labeling and packaging design, such as decoration on wine boxes, cigarette boxes, labels and other products.

    1.2 Hot stamping block

    Generally speaking, in order to show the beauty of its design, the range of hot stamping is mostly between 10% and 30% of the whole paper. However, it is recommended to discuss the area of hot stamping with the machine manufacturer first, and you will get the following two benefits:

    Hot Foil Stamper copperplate

    1.2.1 Optimization suggestions

    The original factory can make optimization suggestions based on the pattern and block range of hot stamping, which can optimize the effect of hot stamping products and save the cost of gold foil consumables.

    1.2.2 Provide suitable models

    Take SBL machinery’s hot stamping machine as an example. There are 8 to 20 differences in which the areas of the bronzing temperature parameters can be set independently for different models. Of course, the more areas that can be set, the complexity and success rate can be relatively improved.

    2. Model considerations (size and functionality)

    The models of various die cutting machine manufacturers are so dazzling and make you confused? In fact, the naming rules of the model code of each die cutting machine are quite close. The editor uses the description of the SBL die cutting machine to let everyone understand that the size or function of the die cutting machine can be seen from the model, and teach you how to choose the suitable die cutting machine model.


    2-1. Size and functionality

    Most hot stamping machine manufacturers,
    There must be different sizes and models to choose.
    The model’s name code is usually a combination of “numbers + English characters”.
    The first 3 to 4 yards range from [Number] to represent [Size], (Note: 3 yards are in cm, 4 yards are in mm)
    The following [English word] stands for [functionality].
    Taking SBL as an example,
    There are 5 options for the size of the hot stamping machine: (the size of the number represents the maximum width of the hot stamping paper/mm)
    There are 7 options for the functionality of the hot stamping machine
    •EF:Pure hot stamping
    •EFT:Pure hot stamping + Transverse
    •EFP:Pure hot stamping + Hologram
    •EFPT:Pure hot stamping + Hologram + Transverse
    •SEF:Pure hot stamping + Replaceable chip removal function (mobile servo frame)
    •SEFT:Pure hot stamping + Replaceable chip removal function (mobile servo frame)+ Transverse
    •SEFPT:Pure hot stamping + Hologram + Transverse + Replaceable chip removal function (mobile servo frame)

    2-2. Principles of Model Evaluation

    The composition of the “model”,
    It is composed of the two aspects of “size” and “function” mentioned in 2-1.
    After the cross combination, there will be many different models to choose.
    As for what customers can do to make a selection and evaluation before they can buy a model that suits their own needs?
    Or will not buy a model that you will regret later?
    The editor provides the following model evaluation methods:

    2-2-1. Confirm your own environmental conditions

    Model selection essentials,
    There is also a very important environmental condition like other models,
    It is to confirm the “space size” of the pre-installation factory building and “installation machine position and approach movement line” of the factory building.
    There have been several cases of customers because the “factory space” or “entry line” is very narrow,
    It takes a lot of extra effort when installing the machine,
    It may even require a lead time for customization if necessary.
    It’s like buying a car,
    Instead of spending a lot of time collecting information on various car models of various brands,
    You should first confirm the size and restrictions of the parking space or garage where you plan to park your vehicle.
    It is the correct step to improve the timeliness of follow-up communication with manufacturers and efficient procurement.

    2-2-2. Confirm your own needs

    man inspecting prints

    Depends on the bronzing type required by your customers,
    Generally, if bronzing is said to be in basic difficulty technology,
    Hologram bronzing can be said to be an advanced technical,
    Because hologram hot stamping needs to be hot stamped in a specific area,
    Variables such as hot stamping position, area size, time, temperature, pressure, gold foil pulling distance, etc.
    They are all related to each other and need to be considered simultaneously.
    If there is a need to hot stamp anti-counterfeit laser labels and logo labels,
    It is necessary to purchase a model with positioning hot stamping function.

    2-2-3. "Model" needs to be considered together with "Fitting"

    The reason why “model” needs to be considered together with “optional accessories”,
    It is the function you should need according to the needs of customers or yourself,
    As a priority for models,
    Take SBL machinery hot stamping machine as an example,
    There is an optional function called “Gold Foil Fracture Detection System”,
    Use the inductive sensor on the machine to detect the status of the gold foil,
    It can issue a warning message and stop the machine synchronously when the gold foil is broken.
    In order to improve product yield and high practicability optional functions,
    Although this feature can be installed on all models,
    But there is another excellent feature that will be mentioned later,
    “Transverse” has restrictions on the models that can be installed.

    2-2-4. Fully communicate and discuss with the business

    Foil Feeding System-燙金箔紙輸送機構

    My favorite example is seeing a doctor.
    When we go to the doctor,
    If you explain your condition to the doctor in more detail, (e.g., current physical or psychological problems, duration of the disease, frequency of pain, recent changes in daily routine or diet, genetic history, etc.)
    When doctors have more information,
    Isn’t it easier to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the right medicine?
    Back to the hot stamping machine is the same concept,
    You must fully discuss with the original salesperson,
    E.g., Blocks, colors, foil types, paper types, paper types (flat, concave, convex) that need to be stamped, etc.
    Provide as much information as possible about your own needs and environmental conditions,
    On the one hand, you can purchase hot stamping machines that better meet your own needs.
    Second, it can greatly reduce the possibility of regret in the future.

    3. Optional accessories (size and functionality)

    Taking SBL machinery as an example, there are about 5 optional accessories for hot stamping machines. In the future, I will find time to write an introduction article on the optional accessories of folder gluers for you. But the editor wants to emphasize that everyone must spend some time doing homework, or ask the salesperson to clarify the “applicable timing”, “functionality” and “restrictions” of these optional accessories.

    The editor knows that some people will hold opposing views. They think that. optional accessories are not too important. Isn’t it okay to add or purchase according to your own needs after purchasing the machine? The editor wants to clarify that this is a common myth among hot stamping machine customers. The reasons are as follows.

    3-1. Optional accessory related to model


    Optional accessories are usually to solve a certain problem,
    Or to achieve some additional special needs or functions,
    But as mentioned earlier,
    If the company may need an option in the future to meet special functional requirements,
    However, because the model purchased at the beginning was a model that could not be equipped with this accessory,
    At this time, it may be faced with the failure to install,
    In terms of hot stamping machines, the general hot stamping machine is the longitudinal gold foil conveying and hot stamping,
    If you want the transverse stamping function, you need to purchase a model that supports transverse printing (increase the efficiency of hot stamping or increase the complexity of the pattern, such as SBL 1050, SBL 1060)
    Before purchasing a hot stamping machine, you should figure out the matching of these optional accessories and models.
    So as not to regret in the future.

    3-2. High cost of installation after leaving the factory

    Maybe there are many questions in your mind?
    Is the most important thing in purchasing machinery nothing more than the comprehensive selection of the price and function of each brand of machinery?
    What is the relationship between “the second-hand market price of hot stamping machine ” and “the 4 most common regrets”?
    In fact, in the previous blog article “10 Selection Indicators That Machinery Manufacturers Won’t Disclose (Part 2)“,
    We mentioned the price comparison,
    And the consideration can
    Apply to the issue of avoiding the pitfalls when purchasing a hot stamping machine.

    • Expensive international shipping for parts
    • Need to bear the additional installation time and travel expenses of the technician
    • Customized fees

    4. Second-hand prices

    Maybe there are many questions in your mind?
    Is the most important thing in purchasing machinery nothing more than the comprehensive selection of the price and function of each brand of machinery?
    What is the relationship between “the second-hand market price of hot stamping machine” and “the 4 most common regrets”?
    In fact, in the previous blog article “10 Selection Indicators That Machinery Manufacturers Won’t Disclose (Part 2)“,
    We mentioned the price comparison,and the consideration can.
    Apply to the issue of avoiding the pitfalls when purchasing a hot stamping machine.


    4-1. Reasons for evaluating second-hand prices

    The process of business operation is likely to have the need to resell hot stamping machines for the following reasons:

    • Because of capacity expansion, the company purchases new models, and sell old models
    • Merger with other businesses
    • Strategic consideration to convert the original business type
    • The original production output will be reduced due to market considerations

    At the same time, this is also the reason why the second-hand price of the hot stamping machine needs to be included in the evaluation mentioned by the editor.

    4-2 Importance of used price

    The editor once again explained the last example to let you understand the importance of second-hand prices:
    Based on the premise of similar machine performance,
    Company A’s machine sells for $300,000, and Company B’s machine sells for $200,000.
    But after 5 years of normal use,
    Because A machine may have the high market share and brand awareness,
    It can also be sold for $200,000 on the market,
    The second-hand machine of the B machine has a low market share and poor machine durability.
    Even the resale price of the market is $100,000, the B machine will go begging.
    In such a situation, is there a higher chance of regretting buying machine A or machine B in the future?
    The answer is very obvious.
    Simultaneously, this example also echoes a key point emphasized by the editor,
    Be sure to evaluate the second-hand price of the machine before purchasing.
    Because no one can surely guarantee the next 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years,
    There will be no possibility of resale or replacement of the machine,
    Including the second-hand price factor can greatly reduce the chance of regret.


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