The Process of Hot Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

The Process of Hot Foil Stamping

Competition is tough as markets get flooded with new and innovative products. Brands naturally want theirs to stand out. One way to ensure this for your brand is through packaging that isn’t just decorative but also safe from counterfeiting.

With hot foil stampers, you can achieve both.

Nothing beats the accuracy and reliability of a hot foil stamping machine in creating clear and accurate packaging. It works on paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheets, and many other types of materials. The machine is also used for banknotes and other types of commercial printing.

Discover the hot foil stamping process and how your business can benefit from the machine.

How Does Hot Foil Stamping Work?

Hot foil stamping works in different ways. For example, you can manually use a hot foil stamping machine to work on small batches, individual applications, and other low-volume jobs. But if you need foil stamping for commercial purposes, it’s more practical to invest in an automatic machine for high-volume jobs.

The choice on which type of foil stamping equipment you should use rests on the volume and results you’ll need. You don’t have to worry about the difference in the quality and accuracy of the prints because the process is essentially similar for low- and high-volume jobs.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the process:

Hot oil stamping means applying heat and pressure onto a type of foil until your design is embossed on the surface of your chosen material. The process uses dies made from brass, copper, or magnesium to emboss the foil onto the surface of your product.

The process itself is simple. If you want to maximize the use of your hot foil stamping machine, you have to learn about the various supplies and equipment that go along with it.

You may need the following:

  • Computer

The first thing you have to do is finalize the design. You may work with a graphic artist or a logo designer to create your custom design or company logo. Either way, you need a computer to check your options. Alternatively, you can install graphic design software to design it yourself.

  • Metal Dies

Dies are what you use to bond the foil to the surface of your chosen material. It’s the “stamp” of the foil stamping process. You may use cost-effective dies made from magnesium, for low-volume jobs, but tougher dies, like copper and brass, are ideal for commercial or high-volume production.

  • Die-Cutting Machine

A die-cutting machine’s job is to etch your custom design or company logo onto your chosen metal die. Die-cutting machines and hot foil stamping machines are often built together for ease of use.

  • Foils

Foils are the materials you emboss on the surface of your products. You may choose metallic foils for timeless silver, gold, or copper design. You may also opt for holographic foils for iridescent design or pearl foils for something subtler. You further have the option of using pigment foils for a solid look.

  • Foiling Machine

Everything boils down to the efficiency of your machine. Typical options include clamshell presses, straight stamp presses, and roll presses. Clamshell presses are manual machines used for low-volume jobs whereas the other two types are automated machines for commercial use.

The equipment and supplies make it easy for all industries to label their products.

Foil stamping simplifies the way you customize product labels, stickers, and packaging. Print media, which produces promotional materials, greeting cards, invitations, and business stationery, also benefit from foil stamping. Simple prints become more eye-catching with a silver, golden, or bronze sheen.

Given the wide range of applications of foil stamping machinery, even just one machine in your facility can improve your operational efficiency and product presentation. Invest in one today.

How Do You Maximize the Worth of Your Investment?

investment concept

You’re producing outstanding quality products every day, so match those products with equally sharp printing and packaging.

SBL provides automatic foil stamping machinery that leaves clean impressions on any material. It works well in non-stop production over long periods. We also provide superior equipment and reliable customer services that enable you to maximize your investment.

Inquire now about our hot foil stamping technology and services.


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