What is Gold Foil Printing?

What is Gold Foil Printing?

Few things showcase the elegance and sophistication of your product or event like gold foil. Do you want to market your product to more upscale clientele? Try using embossed gold foil for the labelling. Do you wish to make it clear that your event is a high-class happening? Try sending invitations with printable gold foil to your attendees.

Aside from elevating product labels and event invitations, gold foil may also dissuade forgers. Gold foil is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate because to do so, they need access to high-quality foil stamping machines

But how does gold foil printing work? Where can you print gold foil? How is it different from simple gold printing?

How Does Gold Foil Printing Work?

When you want to use gold foil to make your products stand out, you must know more about hot foil stamping. This process involves creating specialized dies known as metal dies. These dies are made in the exact shape of the design you want in gold foil. They are then heated, and a machine stamps them on the desired surface. This process requires you to include a separate machine to your production line.

Gold Foil vs. Gold Print

Although they may seem interchangeable to laymen, there are significant differences between authentic gold foil and simple gold print. Knowing these differences is important in deciding which process fits your current needs.

Gold print is made of metallic ink, which is simply metal particles suspended in a liquid that settle on the surface you print it on. Gold print has a light sheen but lacks the true luster of gold foil. However, there is more room for customization because you have more control over the transparency of the ink, its gradience, and opacity. Gold print is not as durable as gold foil.

Gold foil involves a complicated process that involves more work. Because of this, gold foil costs more to incorporate on labels or printed material. However, gold foil doesn’t lose its lustre as easily as gold print. The metallic nature of gold foil also makes it more durable than gold print. Gold foil is also more alluring because it’s shinier than ink. If you want to make a statement with your printed products gold foil is the ideal choice.

Pros and Cons of Gold Foil Printing

Like all things, gold foil printing has its ups and downs. You need to take them into account when you’re deciding if you want to purchase a foil stamping machine or to include gold foil in your packaging.

Using gold foil gives you the following advantages:

  • Gold foil is shiny and attractive compared to gold print or other methods
  • Gold foil is long-lasting and durable
  • Gold foil lends a measure of class and sophistication to your brand

On the other hand, gold foil has the following disadvantages:

  • Gold foil printing takes more time
  • Gold foil printing requires special machinery to make
  • Gold foil costs more than other methods

Just like real gold, without the right tools, even the best gold foil can become unappealing. You need the best equipment when you want to make the most out of its luster. By working with a trusted manufacturer, you’ll the machines you need to make your products shine.

Work with a Trusted Manufacturer

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