A Buyer’s Guide for Folder-Gluer Machines

A Buyer’s Guide for Folder-Gluer Machines

A Buyer’s Guide for Folder-Gluer Machines

A folder-gluer machine is a necessary piece of equipment when you’re manufacturing boxes and similar products. Because of its importance in the production process, there’s a very high demand for these machines. However, not all machines are made with the same level of excellence. You need to be very discerning and know exactly what to look for when purchasing folder-gluer machines.

Choosing a poorly made folder-gluer machine or one that doesn’t fit your requirements exactly can cost your business not only the price of the machine, but also from lost productivity. You need to ask the right questions before making the commitment to buy a folder-gluer machine.

The following are the most important questions when procuring folder-gluer equipment for your company.

1. How Fast is It?

Speed is of the essence when you need fulfil large orders for boxes and similar products. Your folder-gluer equipment must process hundreds of meters of material per hour. However, you need to get a machine that fits your needs exactly.

How can you get around this issue? First, take a close look at your production capacity. Currently, how many boxes and packages can your set-up process? If you’re thinking of expanding your business, then increasing that number is essential. Once you have an accurate number on current production capacity, look at your material procurement process. Compare how much material, such as cardboard and glue, you can procure with how many boxes your potential folder-gluer can process. With this information, you can order the right folder-gluer machine for your business. You would also need more auxiliary equipment, such as feeding machines to maximize its use. You would also need more auxiliary equipment, such as feeding machines to maximize its use.

2. What Safety Features Does It Have?

Any equipment you purchase should come with all the requisite safety features, and folder-gluer machines are no exception. Although not as physically imposing or obviously intimidating like other machines, folder-gluers are still heavy equipment and employees run the risk of injuring themselves if they don’t have the right safety mechanisms. Aside from the physical and psychological damage such an incident can cause, accidents will shutdown production. So it’s important that your folder-gluer machines have proper safety features.

Some safety features that a folder-gluer machine should have includes guarded pinch points to prevent employees from getting snagged. A two-press start system, so an operator can ensure the machine is clear before it’s fully operational, is also advisable. Finally, an electronic system that the operator must unlock to get the machine started after an incident such as a shutdown.

3. How Well-Made is It?

A folder-gluer machine should be made to endure heavy usage since it must continuously run during production hours. These machines also run at very high speeds to meet production quotas. For example, a typical folder-gluer machine can reach speeds of up to 300 meters a minute. A machine would require incredible design and top-notch materials to avoid buckling from the stress of this output.

Any machine you buy should be built solidly and with high precision, so it can withstand the amount of stress it’ll be under. It must be engineered perfectly and be made of high-quality materials. So what are the hallmarks of a well-made folder gluer machine? First, the materials used in its construction must be extremely durable, especially the components that endure the most stress. Good quality steel is always a great selection. Check to see if the rivets and screws holding components together are tightened and secured. Given the jarring speeds these machines can go, its essential that none of these pieces are knocked out of place.

4. What Kind of Material Can It Process?

Unless you only manufacture one type of packaging material, your folder-gluer machine should be able to process different packaging material. It should also be able to fold different types of boxes. These capabilities usually require the machine to have extra tooling attachments or articulated glue pots at the top and bottom of the array. These modifications and features allow the machine to assemble different kinds of boxes.

Acquiring a folder-gluer that can process multiple materials is also advisable if you’re planning on expanding your operations. For example, if you were previously packaging only one type of product and hope to add something else, you’re going to need more than one type of box. By acquiring a machine that can deliver these various packaging containers, you can increase the types of products your business can offer.

Different types of folder-gluer machines are also calibrated to handle different kinds of cardboard and other material. Ascertain which kinds of materials a given machine can process and what sorts of folds it’s capable of. For example, corrugated cardboard will have different processing requirements from glossy card material. The latter is harder to fold but the former will require machines that can handle delicate folds to assemble quickly and efficiently.

The right questions, when buying a folder-gluer machine, will help you get a solid investment for your business. It should also lead you to manufacturers of the best types of equipment. When you do, your production line will run as smoothly as possible.

Manufacturers of Reliable Equipment

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