How SBL Gains Customers’ Satisfaction

How SBL Gains Customers’ Satisfaction

How SBL Gains Customers’ Satisfaction

Any businessman worth his salt knows that building strong relationships with customers is essential for success. Case in point: most grocery shoppers pick the brands they are familiar with even if cheaper alternatives are available. This is proof that no matter how excellent or affordable a product is, customers may still not patronize it until they form some sort of relationship with the brand.

Customers’ propensity to be loyal to brands that serve them well is something we fully understand at SBL. As a leading printing machinery manufacturer and supplier for 54 years and counting, we’ve realized that customer satisfaction is the bedrock of a strong customer-manufacturer relationship while a positive customer experience fuels brand loyalty. These are our inspirations to constantly aim for excellence in everything we do, from manufacturing machines to providing post-transaction customer services.

The SBL Way: Create Positive Experiences

There are many good reasons why SBL is now enjoying business longevity, but we can boil them down to one: SBL creates positive customer experiences.

A positive experience is key to ensuring a customer’s satisfaction, which in turn is a factor for brand loyalty. According to a recent study by PwC, 41% of consumers would pay more for helpful employees, 43% would pay extra for better convenience, and 52% would do the same for faster service.

But more than a satisfying first encounter, customers look for consistency. A UK-based retail market research reported that 36% of customers are put off by brands that give them an inconsistent customer experience.

At SBL, customer experience begins from the first touch-base and ends only when the customer is 100% satisfied. This means we begin creating positive experiences from the first email, phone, or conference consultation and continue offering it until after customers get the equipment they purchased (through equipment servicing and customer support).

So how do we create positive customer experiences at SBL?

1. We Build Relationships

SBL does more than build and sell automatic die-cutting, stamping, and folder-gluer machines. We function as a partner and offer long-term benefits to every customer who trusts our brand. We do this by understanding our clients’ goals and factoring them into our customizations. As a token of good faith, we also offer training and customer support, machine servicing, and a 1-year warranty for every SBL equipment.

2. We Place Quality Above All

We always provide quality products and services. We invest in research and development, use our findings to come up with concrete solutions for our clients’ needs, and maintain high-quality standards in manufacturing. Knowing that clients may have unique, environmental requirements or production needs, we are also open to customizing our automatic die-cutting, foil stamping, laminating, and folding and gluing machines. More importantly, we provide reliable training and support services.

3. We Put Your Needs First

We have SOPs for the design and assembly of SBL machinery, but we’re flexible in our implementation. Peak efficiency in manufacturing can only be achieved if every manufacturing issue has a corresponding solution. Since many facilities have their own sets of needs, we saw the value in offering customization as part of our services.

4. We Keep Downtime to a Minimum

Timeliness in our delivery is one of our best qualities as a manufacturer and supplier of printing machinery. Every minute of downtime has an equivalent loss. As such, we guarantee daily shipments of ordinary parts. This is to ensure that customers who bring their machines to the nearest SBL customer service center can get the replacement components necessary to restore their machines to optimum performance.

For customers who are far from SBL service centers, our technicians provide remote diagnosis and troubleshooting assistance through phone calls or communications over the Internet. We also give the technical data for specific SBL machines as reference for our clients. This is how we do good on our promise to provide training and continuing customer support to clients from all over the world. There’s more that goes into our everyday operations that boost our customers’ experience. If you want to get more details about how we can help your business, get in touch via phone or email.


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