3 Most Common Problems in Folder Gluer Installation and How to Fix Them

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3 Most Common Problems in Folder Gluer Installation and How to Fix Them

A high-speed folding and gluing machine is an essential piece of equipment for any packaging company or box manufacturer. It allows for optimal production rates and lets companies keep up with the demands of their clients.

That is why it is so important to make sure that installation goes smoothly, to minimize disruptions to work and avoid wasted time. A few things can go wrong during the installation of your high-speed folding and gluing machine. Here are some common problems and how to fix them.

Insufficient Preparation

One of the most common problems observed is the lack of preparation before the installation even takes place. Sometimes, a packaging company or box manufacturer improvises at the start of the installation while the experts are on-site. And this often causes unforeseen, yet completely preventable, delays.

Your Pre-Installation Plan

A detailed pre-installation plan is key to ensuring delays are eliminated or minimized. An effective plan of action is harder to formulate if your team is unfamiliar with complex machinery. However, you do not have to come up with the plan by yourself

Your folding and gluing machine manufacturer is experienced with the process and can advise you on the necessary steps. Our team at SBL Machinery would be happy to assist you in creating your pre-installation plan. Should any delays occur, you can always contact us for guidance.

Lack of Operator Training

Part of a successful installation is proper training. Without properly trained operators, your folding and gluing machine will be useless to you.

Some clients might find that their operators are not sufficiently trained with operating their folding and gluing machine, especially if the machinery is new to them. An expert will provide your operators with training. However, some circumstances can prevent the expert from giving optimal training.

In some situations, delays can occur due to a lack of electricity or internet. If the machine is not running, it will be more difficult to ensure that your operators are taught how to use the machine properly. Training can be done on an offline machine, but it is not as effective.

As we all likely learned during our school days, teaching is far more effective with visual aids than without. With a running machine, the expert can give your operators a live demonstration. This helps your operators better understand what a properly running machine should look like and what it shouldn’t.

Your operators’ shift can also affect training. The expert will not always be available to give guidance, but some companies operate 24/7, and this means that some operators have schedules that are incompatible with the expert’s.

The last common cause of insufficient training is a lack of experience with changeovers of boxes. While using just a few box types makes it easier to be taught by the expert, you are sure to have clients that require different box types. This will result in inefficient workflows once your operators have to change box shapes, sizes, colors, and thickness.

Ensuring Proper Operator Training

As you might have surmised, these are usually a result of insufficient preparation. Ensure your operators receive sufficient training by planning ahead of time and making the necessary preparations and adjustments.

Make sure that the expert has everything they will need and can run the machine. Adjust your operators’ shifts so that everyone gets a chance to receive instruction, then they can go back to their regular shifts once training is done. And finally, make sure your operators get the chance to handle different box types and request this to be part of the expert’s guidance.

Failure to Maintain the Machinery

In order to make the most of your machinery, you have to make sure they last for a long while. And you do this by regularly checking and performing maintenance on your folding and gluing machine.

Some companies make the mistake of making maintenance an afterthought. In reality, it should be something you plan as soon as it’s installed. Upon ordering your folding and gluing machine, consult your provider about maintenance and how often it should be done.

By regularly maintaining your machinery, you enhance efficiency, increase equipment uptime, and prevent delays and disruptions caused by faulty parts. Some problems caused by a lack of maintenance include inaccurate folds and creases, slower production speeds, and paper jams.

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